It’s spring

A new network has emerged!

Local producers from the greater Peterborough area have formed the Peterborough Regional Farmers Network. (PRFN)

The network is farmer led and will invite supporters of local food to join us in our work to strengthen our region’s family farms and local food infrastructure.


We are a Volunteer run project based group and we want you to join us as we promote the local food your neighbours grow.  We have recently unveiled a new banner at the Peterborough Saturday Farmer’s Market that will help you locate the farmers that grow 100% of what they sell at the market.

If it at their stall and under one of our banners they grew it.   Get to know the smart are creative farmers that are bringing only what they grow to the market.  It is your guarantee of  verified local produce.

Check “NEWS” to see the most recent posts on events  (including something exciting on October 1st.

Check back regularly to see what we are growing here in the Peterborough area.

This site will be under construction by self taught volunteers , we appreciate your patience.